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Lash Lift, Brow Lamination, Lash Extensions, Mircoblading and Powder Brows

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Microblading is a technique where natural hair strokes are created, it is less invasive and is considered semi-permanent. Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where the pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine. Microblading typically lasts 18 months to two years, depending on skin type and skincare routine.

Retouch Sessions 6 weeks for existing clients

The semi-permanent procedure requires two sessions to ensure perfect pigmentation. Generally, the results are amazing but it depends on your own skin type, lifestyle, medication, natural skin undertones, immune system, poor diet, sun/ sunbeams, chemical peels, hormone changes. We recommend that everyone has a retouch as this is included in the price. 

Mircoblading eyebrow treatment £350.00 including top-up. 

Six Months Top- up £90.00 

Annual Top-up £150.00

Powder Brows

Powder brows are created using a machine method like tattooing but are only semi-permanent. They are ideal if you already have fully brows and want tot create a filled in look. They will last 2-3 years depending on your skin type, lifestyle and skincare routine

Powder Brows (including 6 week top-up - £350.00

1 year Top up - £150.00


Lash lift
The Lash Lift is one of the easiest and fastest ways to brighten and lift your entire face. The stunning alternative to eyelash extensions, it is one of the essential treatments chosen by many celebrity make-up artists which gives that stunning wide-eyed look to your natural lash. The results are immediately visible and can be more cost-effective and a lower maintenance alternative to lash extensions.

Lash Lift including tint £38.00

Lash Tint £13.00

Brow Lamination

The fully brows you've always wanted! This amazing procedure allows us to create a perfect brushed up brow (creating the "fluffy brow") or to straighten unruly curly brows. Lasting 4-6 weeks!

Eye lash extensions

Having eye lash extensions is a popular alternative with celebrity converts such as Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham. This simple and effective method dramatically enhances the appearance of the eyes giving immediate results. It gives volume and length to natural lashes, longer thicker lashes that look like your own. Duration: 1-2 Hours

What happens during the treatment:
The eye area is cleaned, and your therapist applies individual lashes to both eyes using a lash glue leaving you with excellent long lasting results. Lash infills recommended. (Lash tint can be applied 48 hours preceding extensions)

Classic Lashes Full Set £45.00

30 min infill £20.00

 1hr infill £30.00

1.5hr infill £35.00

Russian Lashes Full Set £65.00

30 min infill £25.00

1hr min infill £35.00

1.5hr infill £45.00

Hybrid Lashes Full Set £55.00

30 min infill £25.00

1hr infill £35.00

1.5hr infill £40.00

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