PAYOT Facials


Facial skincare treatments are available to suit all skin types and conditions. When visiting Bella Vita we will analyze your skin condition and advise on which facial treatment is best for your individual needs. Having a regular facial helps keep the skin clean and hydrated giving a more youthful appearance.

About PAYOT:

Beauty skincare is a science in motion.
A pioneering woman and doctor, NADIA PAYOT founded her beauty skincare philosophy on the movement and exercise of facial muscles.

This Specific beauty-enhancing methodology is a unique combination of movements and the most effective natural active ingredients. Veritable expertise for incomparable results and absolute pleasure.

Unique beauty rituals that combine science, expertise and pleasure of the senses to offer effectiveness, safety, and total well-being.

At the heart of the beauty care treatments, a unique massage-42 step massage – which allows us to eliminate toxins and activate the skin's microcirculation. This specific series of movements developed by Nadia Payot has become true art, handed down among Payot Beauty Therapists for generations.


Supreme Jeunesse Facial 90 mins  

An anti-age care experience that simultaneously treats wrinkles, skin-slackening and loss of radiance. The sensorial delight allies Masque Gold with 100% natural ingredients (extracts of pine and hibiscus petals) and a digito-pressure massage on the face, the arches of the feet and the scalp as well as a complete hand treatment. A programme to pamper yourself and your beauty.


My Payot Experience 90mins 
A unique, playful and delicious facial, a protocol containing a new peel-off mask, for a moment of well-being and an immediately enhanced beauty.

Energizing care thanks to the super fruit's power. The skin is illuminated and recovers softness and radiance for an immediate healthy look.

Solution Techi Liss Facial 75mins 
An immediate ‘new skin’ effect thanks to an AHA peeling treatment that smoothes deep wrinkles and fine lines. After 42- movements massage, the rebalancing mask restores the skin's pH for an amazing rejuvenating effect.

Nutri Solution 75mins 

Nutritive care that brings suppleness, softness, soothes to dry skin is lack of comfort. Immediately, the skin is soft and plumped. The complexion is luminous, the radiance is revived.


Bella Vita Deep Cleansing Facial 60 mins 

Cleanse, deep cleanse, steam, extraction, scrub, tone, massage, mask, moisturise and eye cream application. (£45.00)

Ultimate indulgence 2 hours facial and massage (£60.00)